Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sunday, September 6, 2009

of nudges and societies.

"what is society?"

"what is society to you?"

"what is society?!"

"what is society?!!"

"you! what is society?!!"

i swear, the man was getting berserk.

this man was professor xyz from the university that must not be named. it was during a particular tutorial lesson that he initiated this spit-infested proclamations and scared the heck outta everybody. (i had pressed my fingers to my pulse at one point and realised they were going at a heart rate of 1766726 per minute.)

i had an exclusive view from the back - i could have sworn the people in front were shaking. poor things.

just because he's passionate about society doesn't mean everyone's as passionate about society. and bah, that surely isn't normal societal etiquette.

the back row weren't spared from prof xyz's er, passion. unfortunately. he called on me, at one point, whilst i was busy ignoring the presence of nugget beside me. unfortunately, i was so busy trying to ignore, i ended up not ignoring.

and so, as i was busy wondering whether i should really start to breathe normally (probably explains the heart rate) - i didn't before, because nugget was in such close proximity, i wasn't aware that prof xyz had already moved on to his next quarry (aka me) and was already gnawing on the joints (aka my joints).

"YOU! what is society?!!?"

i didn't respond.

"YOU! are you listening bth - ?!!!"

hmm. was that the bordering word for biatch?

i didn't care. because i was suddenly aware that nugget was nudging me. oh my gawd.

nudge 1 (nj)
tr.v. nudged, nudg·ing, nudg·es
1. To push against gently, especially in order to gain attention or give a signal.
2. To come close to; near.
A gentle push.

you do realise the implications here. this is body contact we're talking about. BODY CONTACT.


unfortunately, prof xyz was already turning dangerously purple. in view of his health and safety, i managed to divert my attention back to him and croak out an answer.

but after that, it was all, "OMGAWD, NUGGET NUDGED ME!"

i have not washed the spot (the point between my shoulder and arm) since.

Saturday, September 5, 2009