Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Best Friend who's male.

the other day, we (meaning people you don't really care) were heading towards the campus' only decent food joint for late lunch, when one of my girlies suddenly pipped up that she hated me.

i wasn't sure if she meant it as a tease or something. but i decided it was, because normal people just don't say these sorta things to your mates. so instead, i asked her why she hated me.

"well," she had said, her eyes casting me an apprehensive glance, as if caring whether i minded what she was going to say. because if she cared, she wouldn't have said whatever she was going to say if she actually bothered to cast me an apprehensive glance (complicated, i know).

"your best friend's a guy," she concluded simply. like that was enough reason to hate me. women - they bitch fit about anything.

"i'm just so jealous!" she continued, animatedly. "i wished my best friend was a guy." i glanced over at her best friend who wasn't a guy. i could tell she looked a bit despondent.

in the women-y world, there's a mantra that says you should hate the girl who has a male best friend. because to the other girls, it was like having a constant boyfriend who's not a bastard.

and boy, that is the single most scarce/sought after thing in the world next to fuel supply.

as such, they would look at you with such evilness in the eye that you would beg to be looked at by the snow queen. i happened to let slip that my bff was a laddie during one particular too much red bull afternoon. big mistake, that was. the woman now looks at me with such distaste, it's a wonder we could complete luncheon together.

but there are the disadvantages to having a male bff, i told her. unless he's truly into shopping, he's just better off staying at home. the best friend ended up sleeping in the women's wear department the other time we went out shopping. and then i couldn't possibly tell him about women-ly issues. well, i do... but it's never to the extent if i were to tell a female for example.

she huffed, like those were all very trivial. "he's nice to you. and at the very least, he's still a decent hot-blooded male."

well, yes. i do suppose she's right. ♥

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