Friday, August 21, 2009

the inauspicious first post

i know it's inauspicious to start things on such a terrible note and i truly believe in those first-post-sets-the-tone things for a blog but by golly gawd, the weather has been absolutely dreadful. the haze from the neighbouring regions has started to make known its stance and has decided on a confrontation approach.

fine, i tell it. prepare to face the wrath, sista!

that would be me, attacking the haze angrily - well, haze picture, really but it's close.

the 7th month chinese hungry ghost festival is underway so the area is going to get seriously dense due to the incense burning. so dense, any denser, you'll have to start a smoke signal yourself.

anyway, i've decided to start a blog. again. for the 8876th time. it's an addiction. a starting blog addiction. i am a starting blog addict. i should probably start a starting blog anonymous group. but let's get to the main point of discussion. i am here on a brand new journey!

just started university a week ago. the timetable has been bollocks. and so i thought, what the hell, i should just start a blog and bitch fit my way through university. so here i am. it will be randomly filled - if i find the time in my timetable from hell - with fits so fitty, you'll bitch fit about reading my bitch fit entries.

squiggies the bitch fit-er.

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